Readers Requests, Tips and Questions!!! (and HERE is a place to share those recipes  of yours that YOUR family enjoys!!)

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to start a new “page” ~ a helpful (hopefully) page.

As the title suggests, this is a place for you to request a certain recipe, share a tip that YOU found to be helpful and ask questions!!!!

Why have this page???  Well…. I have had a few people tell me/us some very helpful tips throughout this blog ~ ones that I do not really want lost, so I thought this would be a nice place for them!  SO…..

1. Looking for a certain recipe, ask here! Maybe myself OR someone else can help you out!! 

2. If you have a helpful tip to share….here is YOUR place to do so!!!  

3. Have a random question, those are SO fun by the way! Just add it here to the comment section and I or someone MORE knowledgable them me (hint hint to all you wonderful readers!!!!) will try to answer it for you!!

4 . Feel free to share YOUR families favorite recipes here too!!! I know myself and many others will enjoy that!!! 

I have one suggestion as to how this might run REAL smooth-like. At the beginning of your comment  CAPITALIZE your main point so that it jumps out at those skimming through the comments. (TO see all comments on a certain post, simply CLICK on the title of that post, then when the new screen pops up, scroll down and wala! There are the fun antics.)

To respond to someone’s comment, simple click the “reply” word just to the bottom right of their comment!

Remember to check this page often as it may become QUITE helpful to us all!

Thanks to everyone, I hope this is helpful and fun! Any questions? AS ALWAYS, you can contact me here at !


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  1. MARGARINE. Did you know that the higher the oil in the margarine the better the bake-ability???? NO wonder some of my recipes have been struggling. The brand Aldi carries (Imperial) is only 53% oil while the brand I bought at Strack (Dutch Farms) is 70%!!! (Maybe only 20 cents more!) With butter being SO not cheap, I like to use margarine when I can get away with it!!! Thankful that I JUST learned this tasty tidbit of information!

    • What other brands have a higher oil content? I have been using butter for almost everything, but agree its just too expensive to keep that up. Thanks!!

      • I buy the “off” brand from my grocery store, it is usually cheaper. The next time I go to the grocery store I will take a better look to see if there are other brands with higher oil 🙂 Good question. I will get back with a better answer… be continued! 🙂

      • I just bought my local store’s “off” brand, and its 65% oil. I noticed one brand was 80 or85, but was almost the same price as real butter, so then I would not even bother! :).

      • Now….if anyone in our family becomes lactose intolerant and cannot have dairy THEN that 80 or 85% oil margarine would be a FANTASTIC substitution!!! (Let’s hope THAT doesn’t happen tho!) I snagged butter at Aldi the other week for $1.90!!!! Fun.

  2. So I just found an amazingly delicious idea!!! I made the ICED COFFEE recipe without choc.milk but with plain fat free milk then after I poured some in my cup I added a flavored creamer. YUMMY I really like Eggnog and I just happened to have Eggnog Latte creamer in the fridge. I tried the creamer in my hot coffee the other day and I didn’t like it at all. But it sure tastes great in the iced coffee!!! I’m going to try Peppermint Mocha creamer next 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 sounds good, the Peppermint Mocha Creamer sounds right up my alley……as long as I can STILL add my chocolate milk! (Cannot wait to hear if it is as delicious!) Thanks!

      • Actually, it was just as delicious!!! Bummer is the kids drink mine just that much faster:(

      • Didn’t you use the “mom’s drink” line…..oh wait, maybe your kids don’t fall for that any more!!! Mine still do…….

  3. TURKEY – Since it is Turkey Time, I thought I would leave a tip on what to do with your leftover turkey carcass. Do NOT throw it away after Thanksgiving is over! Boiled Turkey bones make great soup stock! All you have to do is get as much meat off the carcass as you can. Break up the carcass a bit, and place in a big dutch oven. Cover with water up to one inch above the carcass. You could throw in any leftover turkey skin, a chopped onion, celery, garlic, carrots if you want. Bring the water up to a boil and then back down to a simmer. *If you boil it at a too high of a temp your broth will be white. Simmer slightly covered or uncovered for a few hours…however long you want really. Some people say 4 hours, some say overnight. I just do it until I think it looks good. After you simmer, remove bones and strain through a mesh strainer. Now you can freeze this to use for whenever you need “chicken” stock for a recipe or use it to make Turkey Soup. I actually do this anytime we have chicken too. I hardly ever have to buy chicken broth!

    • Thanks for the tip, I will be doing it next time I roast a turkey!! I save my stock from when I cook some chicken pieces in the crock-pot, but have never boiled the whole turkey carcass! Good thing I just picked up a turkey from Strack for $0.59! Even though I am not cooking the turkey for Thanksgiving I plan on roasting the whole turkey in a few weeks and SHREDDING THE TURKEY UP TO USE for quick easy dinners. Thank you, again, for your tip!!

  4. HAMBURGER…looking for some “non casserole” style recipes…you know Dave’s fussiness with that…All my “back home cookbooks” are loaded with casseroles, and its too cold to grill…suggestions???

  5. Hey Bobbi- you asked for opinions on your Aldi sale items section on your blog. Me personally I do not benefit much from that section just because I usually glance at the ad when it comes in the newspaper and figure out if it is worth it to go that week or not. But that is just me. I really enjoy seeing new recipes and especially easy and healthier ones. I know you are such a baker and dessert maker but since I only make them once in a while, I love the main dish and side dish recipes because that is where I lack variety sometimes especially with my families sensitivities to gluten, peanuts, nuts, and we try to limit our dairy. So to me I get giddy when I find a new main or side dish and I can add it to my recipe file. But I still do find interesting the rest of your recipes even though I may not make them myself. You are doing a great job, remember you can’t please everyone! I can tell you’re having fun with this new adventure of yours:) Beck

    • Thank you Beck, seriously! I am SO glad you are able to find some recipes that work for you sometimes! Thanks for your comments, I so appreciate them!! I am BIG into healthy quick things, tho that can be hard, not only can it be more expensive at times, but my picky kids tend to go towards the cookies and stuff like that so it can be hard to get them to eat the “healthy” stuff!!!. I am looking forward to sharing some easy dinners and side dishes in the next few weeks 🙂

  6. NOODLES-I can’t seem to get my spaghetti right lately. All stuck together like glue. Once your sauce is poured over its not a big deal, but I still want to get it right! I’ve done the oil in water when boiling, but what are some other tips. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    • My mom and dad’s church just had a spaghetti supper, I noticed that they toss a bit of the spaghetti sauce in the cooked noodles, then give you a nice scoop of sauce over those noodles. The noodles do not stick together that way! I was going to try that at home. Though some of my kids like just plain noodles with sauce on the side, so I will leave some noodles plain still. Another suggestion, maybe try tossing the noodles in a little oil AFTER cooking and draining, just a TB or 2?? Wonder if that would help….. GREAT topic to think about, thanks!!!

  7. CAN I ADD FOOD COLORING TO MELTED WHITE CHOCOLATE???? ~ No. It will seize up on you and you will have to throw it away. Don’t think you can make pretty little hearts by melting lovely white chocolate and adding precious pink food coloring. You will get disappointed. I promise. You will have to throw it away. My friend told me the only way to get colored white chocolate is to go to a store that has a “cake” section and buy the already colored white chocolate pieces and THEN melt it down and THEN make your pretties. Thank you. Learn from me.

  8. ROCK HARD BROWN SUGAR. Have you ever had this?? I bought a bag the other week and it. was. hard. as. a. rock. I KNEW this when I bought it, yet I still did. Thinking “it will be fine” ~ well, it wasn’t it was so very very hard. What to do??? Add a slice of bread to the container, cover it and let it set for a few days! The brown sugar will soften right up. Smartest thing over for a dip like me to learn.

    • As soon as I empty my brown sugar into the container, I add a saltine cracker. It prevents any hardening before it happens 😉 Good to know what to do if it comes hard!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Was it from Aldi? I have found their brown sugar can be very dry. It’s worth spending a little more on the “good” stuff, although I use a lot so like to find the cheapest! I have done the bread trick before,too! Great comment, Bobbi-thanks!!

      • Yep, it was from Aldi. I know what you are saying about their brown sugar being dry at times. I have had that as well. BUT never this. dry. I literally could not break it apart! I have heard of the bread trick myself, but had never done it. It did work. 🙂

  9. hey Bobby, was wondering if you could share what your favorite meals are to serve other families with kids. So I guess, family friendly easy meals for company. 🙂 Thanks!

    • Great idea! I was just talking with some family members about what meals we like to bring to people (after they have a baby, have surgery, are sick, etc), so that sorta thing has been on my mind!! I will get to thinkin’ AND postin’! THANKS for the idea! 🙂

      • awesome! I was also thinking about meals that you like to serve families when they come to your house. 🙂

      • Got ya! I like to serve the kids first (something simple, chicken nuggets, pizza, etc.) and then ship them off to play :). THEN the adults can enjoy a nice meal. An appetizer is fun to eat while the kids are eating. I like to make homemade pizza or lasagna for company….. I will think of more ideas as time goes by I am sure!!

  10. I’m way behind on discovering this page!!
    I’ve shared it with you before, but I wanted to share the tip about freezing muffin batter instead of already baked muffins. Flash freeze (is that the term?) 🙂 the batter in a liner in the muffin pan. Store them in a freezer bag, and you can pull out how ever many you want to get fresh baked muffins.

    • YES YES!! This does work, when you 1st told me about it it tried it RIGHT away! Awesome! I will share that in a post next time I share a muffin recipe! THANKS for teaching me something new!!!! 🙂

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