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Chicken Wild Rice Vegetable Casserole & Candied Sweet Potatoes & Carrots


food 950

My boys are picky. I am trying to not let them be picky. HA! (Right?!) Anyways. I want them to try things. I want them to eat well…….It is the never-ending battle with young kids. Two of them are always saying “I don’t like it…..” AS they are walking to the table. Humph.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, they all stared at this dish. Starting to say that they didn’t like it. I gave them each their  small  scoop and asked them to eat it. They all did and a few even asked for more! That is a successful dish, in this house.

I wonder if this would be good with different veggies ~ I think broccoli would be good.

Wild Rice with Chicken and Vegetables 

1/2 c. diced onion
1 c. peeled diced carrots
3/4 c. diced celery
1/4 tsp. garlic powder
2 TB. olive oil
2 c. cooked shredded chicken
6 oz. box of “Uncle Ben’s” Long Grain and Wild Rice

Cheese Sauce ~
4 TB. butter
1/4 c. flour
salt & pepper to taste
1 tsp. chicken bouillon granules
1 c. water
1 c. milk
2 c. cheddar cheese
1 c. cheddar cheese (opt. ~ use for topping)

Prepare the long grain and wild rice, according to the pkg. directions. Set aside.

In a skillet, heat the oil, add  the veggies and the garlic powder. Saute’ till softened, and maybe a BIT browned.  Add a touch of salt & pepper if you want too.

Combine the prepared rice, chicken and vegetable mixture. Mix well.

Prepare the cheese sauce. First melt the butter in a saucepan and add the flour, chicken bouillon granules and salt & pepper. Stir till smooth, cook for just a few seconds. Slowly whisk in the water and milk. Whisk till smooth. Cook a few minutes till thickened. Add the 2 c. cheddar cheese and whisk till melted (over low heat).

Add the cheese sauce to the chicken mixture. Stir. Pour into a greased 9″ x 13″ pan and top with remaining 1 c. of cheddar cheese.

Bake @ 350° for 30 minutes (if baking right away) and closer to 45-60 minutes if your casserole is chilled.

Serve. Enjoy.

Recipe adapted from Picky Palate.

food 953

My kids looked at these, unsure, at first. They are picky (have I mentioned this??) Well, the moment I said they are called “Candied Sweet Potatoes” ~ they tried them, most of them liked it!

Be sure to stir these a few times, so the brown-sugary yumminess gets all spread well. Now, resist the temptation to sample STRAIGHT out of the pan. Trust me. Your mouth, tongue, cheek and chin WILL thank you! That sugar/butter mix is like 1000°. No joke.

Candied Sweet Potatoes & Carrots      

3 sweet potatoes
2 large carrots
4 TB. butter
5 TB. brown sugar
1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice

Peel the sweet potatoes and cut into 3/4″ – 1″ cubes. Peel the carrots and cut into 3/4″ – 1″ pieces. Put into 9″ x 13″ pan.

Melt the butter and add the brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice. Toss.

Bake @ 400° for about 45 minutes. Stir a few times. Transfer to  a serving platter. ENJOY!


Homemade Italian Dressing Mix, Olive Floret Salad & No Flour Peanut Butter Cookies


Aldi Specials for March 6 ~ 12.

(For a complete listing go here.)

* FRUIT ~ Navel Oranges ($1.49 for 4 lb. bag). Strawberries ($1.29 for a 16 oz. pkg.). Clementines ($2.49 for a 3 lb. bag). Blackberries (99¢ per pint). Cantaloupe (99¢ each). Mangoes (79¢ each).

* FROZEN FRUIT ~ Blueberries ($1.99 for 12 oz. pkg). Raspberries ($1.99 for 12 oz. pkg). Strawberries ($1.99 for 16 oz. pkg). Frozen Peaches or Mixed Fruit ($1.99 for 16 oz. pkg).    SMOOTHIES, maybe?!?!?  🙂

*Frozen Stir Fry Veggies, Oriental or Teriyaki Stir Fry ($2.99 for 37 oz. pkg). I use this quit often.

* Corned Beef Points ($1.99 per lb).

* A selection of Easter Candy. Starburst Jelly Beans ($1.79 for 14 oz. pkg). Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs ($2.85 for 7.2 oz. pkg). Hershey’s Kisses ($2.85 for 11 oz. bag). Cadbury Cream Eggs (4 pk. for $2.49). Peeps (99¢ for 3 oz. pkg.).

* YEAH!!! Honey Grahams (aka Golden Grahams!!!!!! $1.99 per box).

* DOUBLE YEAH!!!! Yogurt * I think it shows lemon, YIPPY SKIPPY!!! (oh it says Lemon Cream Pie…..will that be as good??? hummm…..!!!!!!  * (39¢ each.)

*Steel Cut Oats ( 28 oz. for $2.49).  Time to give steel – cut oats a whirl????

* Mint Sandwich Cookies (aka Mint Oreos!!!!! $1.89). A delicious dessert.

THAT was a lot of good stuff!!!

On to recipes. Really they do NOT focus on any special items. (Though I am tempted to change my mind and share different recipes NOW that I have seen the specials. BUT I really want to share these recipes, so I will stick with that. Happy Shopping. Happy Baking. Happy Cooking. Have a HAPPY DAY everyone!!!)

food 905

I took one bite of this salad at a friend’s house and knew that I wanted the recipe. Something about the mixture that the veggies are tossed in it so very good and something about the way that the veggies soften a bit in the marinade makes it a really really good salad/side dish.  I hope you guys enjoy it as well!

* Dry Italian Dressing mix may contain wheat, so if you need a wheat free/gluten – free dressing mix, try out this recipe. Use 1 1/2 TB. of below mix for this salad recipe. OR if you don’t have a pkg. of Italian Dressing mix ~ this homemade version will work out great!

Italian Dressing Mix Recipe  

1 TB. garlic salt
1 TB. onion powder
1 TB. sugar
2 TB. dried oregano
1 tsp. pepper
1/4 tsp. thyme
1 tsp. dried basil
1/4 tsp. celery salt
1/2 TB. salt

Mix together and store in a container.

To sub this mixture for a Dry Italian dressing mix envelope then use 1 1/2 TB. To use this mixture to make dressing then use  combine ~ 2 TB. mix, 2 TB. water, 1/4 c. vinegar, 2/3 c. oil. Whisk and use as you would Italian Dressing.

Italian Dressing Mix Recipe adapted from

Olive Floret Salad 

1 medium head of cauliflower, cut into bite size pieces
1 bunch of broccoli, cut into bite size pieces
2 c. cherry tomatoes, quartered
2 medium carrots, peeled and thinly sliced
sliced black olives, about 1/2 c.
1 c. Italian salad dressing
1 env. Italian dressing mix
1 c. crumbled Feta cheese

Whisk together the dressing and the dressing mix.

Combine the veggies and olives in a large bowl, toss with the dressing mix. Cover and chill overnight to develop the flavors.

Add the Feta cheese just before serving and toss gently.

Serve and Enjoy.

Thanks Jenn for the recipe, she got it from a Taste of Home Magazine.

food 904

When I am looking for  a quick cookie (they are really quick to mix together), I like to bake these. It only makes about 2 dozen cookies, which just means I get to bake sooner!!!! (Cause they disappear fast and then I get to bake again!)  Or I double and make some of all three variations. This cookie is sorta crunchy, and it literally melts in your mouth.

No Flour Peanut Butter Cookies
1 c. peanut butter
1 c. sugar
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla extract

Mix the above ingredients together till combined well.  (Use your mixer for thorough mixing.) I let it chill for just a bit, not too long cause the dough will be harder to work with that way. Now… make Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies OR Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies OR just plain Peanut Butter Cookies??? Good question.

* For Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies, add 1 c. chocolate chips. Roll into a ball.  Bake @ 350* for 12-14 minutes.
* For Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies, Roll into balls…..bake @ 350* for about 12-15 minutes, then press a kiss in. Cool. You can also roll the dough AROUND the kiss….I like it that way!!
* OR leave out the chocolate all together and just enjoy a peanut butter cookie. Roll in a ball and smoosh down ever so gently with a fork (may need to dip fork in sugar to avoid sticking) to make the lovely criss-cross marks that you see on Peanut Butter Cookies. Bake @ same temp for about 12 minutes.

Recipe adapted from Prized Recipes to Cook and Savor, page 142.

Mexican Salad


food 885

I found this treasure of a recipe while reading a very old cookbook. There is a small stash of cookbooks that a read and re-read each summer on vacation. Occasionally my grandma will throw a new one in there…..happy happy me. Cookbooks are my “books”. At least am reading….right??

In a constant quest to find the “just right” pairing for tacos or anything Mexican,  I stumbled upon this recipe that I jotted down a few summers ago. Yum. My kids aren’t necessarily fans of all the “extras” in it ~ but they just load it off to the side and it happily joins my plate.  Leave off something if your family will not enjoy OR add something you think they might…..I am thinking you could even add chicken to this for lunch or a light dinner!

* I did change a number of things from the original recipe.

  1. It was straight up mayo in the dressing,  I took out some and added some sour cream.
  2. It also called for a can of diced green chilis, I had JUST used my last can for soup… I used some candied jalapenos I had made, it gave it a nice sweet~heat kick.
  3. The recipe called for cheddar cheese, but I had pepper jack cheese JUST begging to join the party…..nice addition as well!

SO, now we go to the recipe!

Mexican Salad 

1-2 heads of Romaine lettuce (I used one large one)
sliced black olives (I used about 10)
2-3 tomatoes (I used about 10 cherry tomatoes, halved)
1/4 – 1/2  of a red onion, diced
1 can of green chilies, chopped (I used candied jalapenos)
8 oz. grated cheddar cheese (I used pepper jack)
1 avocado (cut up and toss with some lemon juice)
good handful of Doritos, crushed

1/2 c. mayonnaise
1/2 c. sour cream
1/2 c. salsa verde (the green salsa)
1/4 c. ketchup
1 tsp. chili powder

Layer the salad ingredients in the order listed. Saving the avocados and the crushed Doritos to add in JUST before serving.

Combine the dressing ingredients. Chill till serving time.

When ready to serve ~ toss together the salad, avocado and chips. Pour about 1/2 the dressing over, toss. Adding all of the dressing would be TOO much in my opinion. Though, my husband likes more……so I put the rest on the table to serve over individual serving. PLUS that makes the leftovers not so soggy.

TIP:Leftover dressing is delicious on wraps or on quesadillas.


Sorry about my crazy ( )….THAT got a bit out of control.

Good Day.

Recipe adapted from a lovely old Church Cookbook from Kalamazoo.

Cheesy Rice Cups


I am hoping to share a few Quick Easy Meals, Simple Side Dishes and Simple Snacks over the next few weeks! I know those are popular requests and I am hoping to help you guys out…..maybe you can help us out too by sharing one of your favorite recipes??? Send it here ~ ~ and I will try my very best to try it and share it with our readers!! Fun.

food 860

So let’s start with a Simple Side Dish.

I used to get a fun little present in the mail every few months…… the Kraft Recipe magazine (I believe it was called something like “Food & Family” ~ don’t quote me on that. Oh, wait, it may have just come to me ~ Kraft Foods ~ oh wait, maybe not…..anyone remember the title????) Anyways, that magazine was fun! Full of great easy recipes, ranging from snacks to breakfast to dinner. There were coupons and fun articles to read. I miss that magazine…… Oh, anyway, sorry ~ this recipe (though I have changed a few things) came from one of those magazines. It is a nice side dish,  it pairs well with something like chicken nuggets or even something like “breakfast for dinner”! (Even the kids will eat it……….probably cause of all the cheesy yumminess in it!)

Have rice from another nights dinner??? This is a great way to use leftover rice!!

Cheesy Rice Cups   

2 c. cooked brown rice
3 c. frozen chopped broccoli, thawed
2 c. Monterey jack cheese (divided)
1/2 c. ranch dressing
4 eggs
salt & pepper to taste

Combine the rice, broccoli, 1 1/4 c. of the cheese, dressing, eggs and salt & pepper. Mix well. Grease your muffin tin WELL and divide rice mixture evenly. Top with remaining 3/4 c. cheese. Bake @ 350° for 30 minutes. Let set 5 minutes. Run a knife around the edge of the rice cups and they should pop right out. Enjoy!!!

Yields 12 Cheesy Rice Cups

Recipe adapted from Kraft Foods Magazine.


Oven-Roasted Ranch Broccoli, Italian Sausage Soup with Tortellini & Steakhouse Wheat Bread


Today I am going to take a moment to share some FANTASTIC recipes from some friends of mine. Sorry, you will have to do just a BIT of clicking around BUT you will not be sorry. These girls are great cooks and have some fun delicious recipes to share!! Tell ’em, Bobbi sent you…..OH KIDDING that is nerdy. Just enjoy and let me know if you see anything fun/good/unique….I  just might have missed a delicious treasure!! Happy Cooking!!!

Oven – Roasted Ranch Broccoli 

food 795

Looking for a unique new side dish?? Look no farther than RIGHT here! This recipe comes from Lisa at Cooking Up a Sale, she actually uses cauliflower ~ but I had broccoli on hand, so I went with that! IT was really good. Looking forward to trying it with cauliflower soon!

Italian Sausage Soup with Tortellini

I enjoy soup for many reasons:

  1. It means COOD weather IS here!!!
  2. Soup can usually be made early in the day and them simmer the afternoon away OR put the pre-made soup in the fridge till an hour before dinner, then just simmer till heated through. I like to make my meals early in the day.
  3. Leftovers are fantastic. Not only for my lunch….my husbands as well.
  4. I can hide veggies LIKE CRAZY in soup and my kids don’t seem to see or taste them….hum…… they just like soup ~ that means that they like the veggies IN the soup! Bonus!!!
  5. Soup in a good way to stretch a buck, you can EVEN make soup out of your leftovers from another meal…if you are creative!!!

SO. I am happy to share this fantastic soup from Rachael, she shared this recipe with me not to long ago and my mouth was watering. Yum. Check out the recipe here on her blog Blue Skies and Butterflies.

* I did make one change. I had some fresh spinach in my fridge, just begging to be added….so I made a pile of spinach leaves and cut up into strips and added to the soup along with the zucchini. Else I followed her recipe exactly.  It was enjoyed by ALL here!!! Hope your family enjoys too!!!

Don’t Forget the Bread!!

Steakhouse Wheat Bread

I enjoy homemade bread for these reasons:

  1. It is fun to bake. It is handy to use a bread machine.
  2. Makes the house smell fantastic!!!
  3. It means cooler weather is here……. (though I still do bake bread in the summer……so maybe this one doesn’t count. But I still like this reason…)
  4. It is not store-bought bread….ugh… leastest of all favorite foods.
  5. MAKES a fantastic dipper in your soup (if you are into that…..).

This bread at Kat’s Kitchen caught my eye INSTANTLY!!!  It was delicious.

* I doubled her recipe. It made one loaf of bread (I baked in my 4″ x 8″ loaf pan) and 7 rolls. (I actually used the rolls as hamburger buns…..cause it was nearly summer one day and winter the next!!!! So we grilled one night and had soup the next!!! Ha. Such unique weather we have had lately!!!!!)


Green Bean Casserole


Aldi Sales for Nov. 7 ~ 13.

Here are some items that caught my eye THIS week at Aldi. Don’t forget to continue to stock up on the seasonal baking items!!!  I am ALSO noticing that they have all things needed for your Thanksgiving Dinner ~ Stuffing Mix, Green Beans, Instant Potatoes, Gravy, Cream Soups, etc.   

* There is a lovely section of Ham ranging in price from 99¢ to $1.49 per lb.

* Time for Turkey!!! Grab one to serve on Thanksgiving and one to freeze to cook at a later date! I like to cook a whole turkey for us for dinner one night and shred ALL the rest and freeze in 2 c. portions to use later in casseroles, sandwiches, etc. Aldi’s price for Turkey this week is  $1.19 per lb.

* Cream Cheese (99¢), Butter ($1.99), Crescent Rolls (99¢) and Cheese Blocks ($1.49) are the same as last week!

*An 8 oz. container of  Whipped Topping is 89¢.

* A box of 10 Buttermilk Waffles (in the freezer section) is $1.29. A 32 oz. box of Buttermilk Pancake Mix is $1.29.

* 3 lb. bag of Apples is $2.19.

* 2 lb. bag of Pears is $1.69.

* Grapefruits are 39¢ each.

* Banana’s are 29¢ per lb.

* A Pineapple is 99¢.

BEFORE I get to the recipe FOR today. I want to say that I am giddy. Fall makes me giddy. I cannot help it. It is the beginning of the Holiday Festivities. It is cold, it is dark, it is pretty. You have to snuggle to keep warm and drink hot drinks. You get to eat fall foods. Cook in your crock pot. Wear hoodies that probably fit your husband BETTER than yourself. Candles are lit.  Deer are easier to spot. Memories are made. Do you like fall? Does it make you feel “twitterpayted”??? (Or excited I should say…..pardon my “Bambi” lingo.) I want to hear your favorite or least favorite part about fall!!!   I will start.   Well.  I like everything. Sorry I cheated.

Now a Thanksgivingish Recipe with ALL ingredients available at Aldi!

Some of us have grown up with the oh so traditional “Green Bean Casserole” ~ you know the one, with cream soup, milk, green beans and the crispy fried onions?!?!? That was always one I enjoyed (still do), my family as well (why does it seem that I need to “hide” veggies IN some kind of sauce or dressing or something for the kids to eat it better?!?!?!)

I have been enjoying making my own cream soup, with much success, avoiding using canned cream soup, if I can ~ so this recipe caught my eye! This is a bit of a different from the more traditional recipe with the sour cream and crunchy corn flakes. It is a keeper. See ya later old recipe, hello new….oh, hey, if you really like those crunchy fried onions, you can STILL add them to the topping, no problem! 😉

Green Bean Casserole 
1/4 c. butter
1/2 c. onion, chopped fine
2 TB. flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1/2 c. milk
1/2 c. sour cream
2 cans of green beans, drained
1 c. cheddar cheese
1 1/2 c. crushed corn flakes
cooking spray
Melt the butter, add the onions and cook a minute or two. Add the flour, salt and pepper, whisk till smooth. Add the milk, cook till thickened ~ add the sour cream and heat through. Add the green beans and stir to combine. Pour into a greased baking dish, I used my 7″ x 11″ pan. Top with shredded cheddar cheese, than corn flake crumbs. Spray the crumbs, carefully (if you spray to close the crumbs with go a flyin’, with the cooking spray. Bake @ 350* for 20-30 (Mine was cold cause I made it early in the day, so it took closer to 30, if you are making it and baking it right away, it will probably only take 20.) minutes or till hot and bubbly. Enjoy!!

Recipe adapted from Peace Potluck Cookbook.

Homemade Butterfingers, Bacon Cheese Topped Chicken & Easy Candied Sweet Potatoes


Before I get to the Aldi fun and recipes, I wanted to know IF anyone is looking for a specific recipe for me to share. NOW, let’s note that I am not someone who will make Sushi or Liver & Onions or “gourmet” things. I am a fairly basic cook/baker. But I would love suggestions of recipes you would like to try. For example, I REALLY want to make a good Chicken and Dumpling Recipe ~ I haven’t really tried…..but want too! (Maybe someone can direct me to a good recipe ??? OR send me one at favoritefamilyfoods@ ~ oh. Nice subtle hint huh?!?!!) THANKS!

Also. Is it TOO much when I share more than one recipe, like today’s 3 recipes? Should I try to stick to just one recipe each post?? Thanks again!

And now……..

Aldi sales for Oct.  31 ~ Nov.(!!)6.

(Not a complete sale list, just some items  that caught my eye, check out the ads here to see all that Aldi has to offer this week! Be sure to check out the Holiday Catalog and the Recipe book, found here as well.)

* Milk Chocolate Almond Bark and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips. (OK, so these are NOT in the flyer BUT I HAD to share this ↓ recipe with you ASAP and I know Aldi carries these items this time of year, so, YEAH ~ I was able to share it with you on my Aldi post day!!!!!)

*Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts are on special buy for $1.69 per lb.  I am happy to share one of my favorite recipes ↓ with you today, my family enjoys it too!

* 29 oz. can of Cut Sweet Potatoes is $1.29 ~ I use this to make the LAST ↓ recipe below!

* Canned Pumpkin is 99¢ for a 15 oz. can. Stock up now!!! (Though they are a winter seasonal item, so we should see canned pumpkin for a while yet! High fives all around!) I CANNOT wait to share some more pumpkin recipes! Oh, or go ahead and make some  Pumpkin Apple Streusel Muffins or Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins  for breakfast and snacks!

* Aldi carries a variety of Stuffing Mix (the boxes) or Bagged Stuffing, prices range from 89¢ – $1.99. Great for holiday baking! (or any night……)

* Shredded Cheese ~ mozzarella or mild cheddar ~ in a 32 oz. bag is $5.89.

* Crescent Rolls, are marked down to 99¢! Time to try Ham & Cheese Crescent Rolls!

* Brown & Serve Rolls (12 oz. for 99¢) or Sweet Multi-Grain or Potato Rolls (20 oz. for $1.99).

* Banana’s are 29¢ per lb.

* Tangerines (GREAT and easy for kids to peel!) are $1.29 for a 3 lb. bag.

* An 8 oz. Cheese Block (assorted varieties) is $1.49.

* Regular or Unsalted Butter, 16 oz. for $1.99.

*Cream Cheese, 8 oz. for 99¢ .

And now for recipes!!!!

Homemade Butterfingers

(Update. I have since made this again. Some notes. DO NOT double, THAT did not work out for me….it was much too hard. ALSO. It is BEST to melt the candy corn low and slow ~ like in a double boiler, IF you let your candy corn melt and bubble….you will be making HARD candy, which will result in hard candy bars. Someone had to mess up….GLAD it was me!!)

I saw this recipe a while ago,  I thought “no way” ~ maybe I will try it someday. There is no WAY it could taste like THE BEST CANDY BAR EV.ER. Seriously. No way could THE BEST CANDY EV.ER. be the main ingredient.  2 things.
* I used to walk up town to the BEST drugstore and buy Butterfingers and ONLY Butterfingers (well and the occasional 5th Avenue, which is similar to Butterfingers). Even though there was about 33 hundred OTHER candies to choose from…..
* Candy Corn is my weakness. IT is my “hide in the pantry  fill my mouth full AFTER I just told my kids “no candy”  weakness.
So… WAS time to try this recipe!! (Thanks to a friend for giving me that extra PUSH to try it!!! Thanks to my 2 friends for tasting it!!!)

Grab the recipe here at Plain Chicken. YOU WILL WANT TO. Now some things.

* It does not get hard (ALTHOUGH I just made it a few hours ago, IF time does something to it, like make it harder, I will update this), like the true Butterfinger, BUT it is flaky like the real thing.  (Note and Apology * your dishes DO need to soak for a while to get off all the melted candy yumminess! Sorry.)

* I used a 9″ square pan, lined with foil (not greased). I then chilled it to set. Then cut with a pizza cutter, into mini candy bar sized pieces.  Chilled again. Then dipped in melted chocolate. Chilled to set.

* I used Semi-Sweet chocolate, my tasters (heehee) thought they might like the Milk Chocolate Candy Coating (or Almond Bark) better. I will ALWAYS choose semi-sweet. I just like it better….you use what you like better, the milk chocolate might be closer to the original Butterfinger though.

* Thanks to NO ONE for sharing this recipe with me 2 years ago. Sad. I could have been making this for 2 years already… sense in wasting time, I plan on snagging up some more bags of candy corn so I can make more batches. Yum.

* Since this said recipe was first shared here 2 years ago, I am assuming the bags of candy corn were bigger (16 oz.)  then they are now (12 0z.) ~ So you need ~
12 oz. candy corn
12 oz. peanut butter (about 1 1/4 c.)
12 oz. chocolate of choice (I used semi-sweet, melted with 1 TB. shortening.)
* Thanks to Plain Chicken for a GREAT recipe. Jot it down here and ENJOY!!!

Bacon Cheese Topped Chicken

My favorite part about this dish is the crispy bottom on the pan that holds the cheese/Dijon/bacon bits that fell OFF the chicken and browned so pretty on the pan…..don’t tell. IT is the chef’s secret!!! (PS. There IS chicken buried under all that cheesy bacony yumminess!)

* Remember this has Dijon in it, IF you do not like the flavor of Dijon you probably will not like this dish. IF you are unsure IF you like the flavor, do not pour ALL of the marinade over top ~ you will still get some of the flavor from the chicken.

Bacon Cheese Topped Chicken 
1/2 c. Dijon mustard
1/2 c. honey
4 1/2 tsp. oil. divided
1/2 tsp. lemon juice
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1/4 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. pepper
dash of paprika
2 c. fresh sliced mushrooms
1 c. shredded monetary jack cheese
1 c. shredded cheddar cheese
8 bacon strips, partially cooked
2 tsp. fresh parsley (I sprinkle with dried parsley)

Combine the Dijon mustard, honey, 1 1/2 tsp. oil and lemon juice. Mix well. Pour 1/2 c. of this in a large ziplock bag and add the chicken. Mix around. Seal bag and chill for 2 hours. SAVE the remaining marinade.

Drain the marinade and brown the chicken in remaining oil till  brown. Transfer to a 7″ x 11″ baking dish. Sprinkle chicken with salt, pepper and paprika. In the same skillet, saute the mushrooms till tender.

Pour remaining marinade over chicken, top with mushrooms, cheeses and bacon (criss-cross over top of the chicken). Bake, uncovered, @ 375 for 20-25 minutes. Top with parsley. Enjoy.

Recipe from a Taste of Home cookbook.

Easy Candied Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato season is here! (Or at least, Fall and Thanksgiving makes me think about sweet potatoes more….)  Here is a different sorta sweet potato dish, one that does NOT call for marshmellows…..though NOT complaining about that good ol’ side dish!

* I have also made this using 4-5 “fresh” (what else do we call them?)  sweet potatoes. (Actually prefering it with real sweet potatoes.) I just simmer the whole things in a pot of water till JUST tender, not over cooked. Cool a bit, peel, slice, then proceed on with the recipe.

* SORRY about this picture….IT.IS. of leftovers…..sorry.

Easy Candied Sweet Potatoes 
2 – 29 oz. cans of sweet potatoes
1/4 c. butter
1/4 c. flour
1/4 c. brown sugar
1/4 c. milk
shake or 3 of pepper
dash of salt

Drain the sweet potatoes, I like to rinse too. Spread in a greased 9″ x 13″ pan. Combine the butter, flour, and brown sugar ~ beat to combine. Add the milk, pepper and salt. Till all mixed well. Sometimes if my butter is too cold it will look sorta chunky and not so smooth, that is fine, it will all melt through and be just dandy. Pour this butter mixture over the sweet potatoes. Toss gently.

Bake @ 350° for about 20 – 25 minutes. (Stir after about 15 minutes.) Then broil till nice and bubbly and caramelized, this will not take to long, maybe 3-5, minutes ~ just keep your eye on it!!!

Serves 8. (Just my guess.) I am SO bad at serving sizes….