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(Oatmeal) “Snackers”


food 030

These are a great snack, a great answer to the “I’m huunnngry.” (Which we all hear or say at any moment of any day!!) I keep mine in the fridge, but they are good at room temp too.

Feel free to add things like coconut, craisins, nuts, sunflower seeds, etc. Things you think about when you think of granola bars, those ingredients would work best.  If you add to many “mix-ins” and your Snackers don’t stay together, just add a bit more peanut butter and bit more honey.

Pulse means pulse. Not puree. I had my son help me the first time and I said ~” hit this button a few times, like “”Bump Bump Bump.”” I thought that was clear :/ Well. He went “Buuummmmp Bummmmmmp Bummmmmmmmmmmmp.” So ours was so very well mixed! But still good.  Always an adventure with kids!

This is the version we like best! 🙂 What is YOUR or YOUR families favorite version?

Oatmeal “Snackers”

2 c. old fashioned oatmeal
1 c. peanut butter
1/2 c. honey
1/2 c. raisins (or craisins)
1/2 c. mini chocolate chips
1/4 c. ground flax seed

Pulse the oatmeal, peanut butter, honey and raisins ~ just till combined.  Add the chocolate chips and flax seed and pulse to combine. Chill. When cold, roll into balls AND ENJOY!!!

Recipe adapted from Food Network.


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins


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Because it is fall, because it is chilly, because the boys need a snack for after school, because a friend is coming over, because I am hungry. Those are ALL good reasons to make muffins, right??? OK, good.  I am sure you too can find a reason to make muffins today!!

~ Recipe halves well or just freeze the leftover muffins for later snackin’.
~ I used half coconut oil and half applesauce, for the oil in the recipe. A hint about coconut oil ~ this time of year the stuff is hard and needs to be melted to add to recipes. BUT if you add melted coconut oil to cold milk/eggs/applesauce or whatever you are making, it  will just harden right back up and coat your bowl in coconut yumminess, that will defeat the purpose of oil in your baked goods as it just stays in your bowl…..SO a simple solution….dadadaaaa ~ MELT the coconut oil and the applesauce together, not to boiling or anything, just till coconut oil is melted (then let set a few minutes, so it is not too hot to add to recipe). Then slowly add to bowl, while mixing. That should help!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins (yield 24 muffins)

4 eggs
1 1/2 c. sugar
15 oz. can of pumpkin
1 1/2 c. oil (I used 3/4 c. applesauce + 3/4 c. coconut oil)
1 tsp. vanilla
3 c. flour
2 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. salt
2 c. chocolate chips

Beat the eggs, sugar, pumpkin,  oil (or applesauce/ coconut oil mixture) and vanilla till smooth. Combine the dry ingredients and mix into the pumpkin mixture, till all combined.  Fold in the chocolate chips. Scoop into paper lined muffins tins (24). Bake @ 350º for 18-22 minutes till tests done with a toothpick.


Recipe adapted from Prized Recipes to Cook and Savor, Vol. II.

Crunchy Peanut Butter Granola Bars


food 990Have you tried these granola bars yet??? They are a favorite over here for sure! This variation was just a way to jazz them up….you know, make them just a little bit different.  It was a hit here as well!  Enjoy!

* These make a LOT of bars, no less than 40. I will count next time and update this.

Crunchy Peanut Butter Granola Bars

6 c. quick oats
1/4 c. melted butter
1/4 c. oil
1/2 tsp. salt
1 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. honey
1/2 c. peanut butter
2 TB. water
3 tsp. vanilla extract
1 1/2 c. coarsely crushed Corn Flakes
1 c. peanuts (I use cocktail peanuts)
1 c. oat bran (or wheat bran or wheat germ)
3 c.  semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 c. peanut butter

Combine the oats, oil, butter and salt. Toss this in a large bowl. Pour into 2 cookie sheets (with sides) and bake @ 350* for about 18 minutes, stirring a few times. You want them just toasted light brown.

Meanwhile. Heat the brown sugar, honey, peanut butter and water just until sugar is dissolved ~ ALMOST to a full boil. Take off heat and add the vanilla. Pour the toasted oats in a large bowl, add the Corn Flakes, peanuts and oat bran ~ pour the sugar mix over and stir till ALL coated wall. Pour into a foil lined cookie sheet (with sides), be sure to grease the foil well. Gently press down a bit till nice and flat.

Lower your oven to 325* and bake for 18-22 minutes ~ be sure to check at 18! It may just be done by then!!!

When done, let cool a few minutes then very carefully cut the bars, do not remove bars from pan ~ you really don’t even HAVE to cut all the way through at this point, just scor the bars so that LATER cutting is EASIER.

 Let cool all the way. Cut into bars. Place bars on wax paper.

Melt the chocolate chips and peanut butter. When melted, spread over the bars. Let set till chocolate hardens, the fridge helps this process along!

 I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!!!

Recipe slightly adapted from these bars.

Some Snacking Options……


food 957

Looking for a GREAT snack that is not only quick to make, quick to grab and not too bad for you!????    I have talked about making this for.ever.  It just took doing it once to become addicted. We all enjoy grabbing this for a snack! The best part it that you can make it ALL your own! So, this really isn’t a “recipe” per say ~ more of a “method” lets say. Add what you want!! Take out what you don’t!!!

Please let us know your combinations!!! Maybe it will inspire us! THANKS!

Trail Mix    

nuts (whole almonds, mixed nuts, cashews, etc.)
peanuts (dry roasted, lightly salted, cocktail, etc.)
dried fruit (raisins, craisins, mixed dried fruit, apricots ~ cut up,  etc.)
M & M’s (of course…….or chocolote chips,  dark chocolate, peanut butter chips, vanilla chips, etc. will work too!!!)
yogurt covered raisins (Aldi…..WHY have you not had these for weeks?!?!?!? OH, this past week they had them!! So, below is another batch I made. ↓)

Mix as much or as little of the ingredients you like. Store in a covered container and ENJOY!!!!

food 955

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Muffins

food 778

I have been telling a few people about this recipe, TIME to share it!!! We have these with “breakfast for dinner” or for breakfast…..or for snack…….. I enjoy knowing that there is wheat flour in it……sneaking some goodness into my kids without them knowing it! I hope you too make these and enjoy! Grab the recipe here at Kats’ Kitchen. (PLEASE enjoy her picture, mine really wasn’t so very good, sorry……)

My tips for the muffins!!!

* I use 4 TB. oil and about 4 TB. applesauce.
* I find that this recipe yields more then 12, closer to 16 muffins I would say.
* I like to brush the muffins with the butter instead of dipping.

Happy Baking!!! 🙂

OH, another thing!!! PLEASE, if you are trying to figure out the whole snacking- healthy-fill-you-up-sorta-thing……THEN please, check this recipe out from Lisa at Cooking Up a Sale.  My kids and I enjoyed this yesterday as a snack. I served it with apples, though thought that graham crackers would be a fabulous dipper as well!!! Though, I was encouraging my kids to eat their fruit AND BOY DID THEY!!!

Light (er) Apple Dip

food 956

The taste is much like Peanut Butter  Gram-wiches, so if you liked the taste of those, you will enjoy the dip as well.

She has GREAT tips on her post, please take the time to check it out. ESPECIALLY the tip about “Grab and Go Apple Slices! I ended up using plain Greek yogurt and added a touch of vanilla extract.

Happy Snacking!!! What is YOUR favorite thing to snack on???

Mint Chocolate Puppy Chow


Mint + Chocolate = my favorite flavor combination. I have tried my whole life to pick a DIFFERENT ice cream flavor, not Mint Chocolate Chip. I usually fail and go right back to my good ol’ faithful favorite. Mint and Chocolate. SO when I saw the original recipe here I wanted to try it. The ingredients were not all in my pantry, oh why does it fail me so when I need it?!?!? No fear, my freezer came through. I had these….

food 968

could it work???

It should…

It did.

OK. So I know that this might sound Christmasy and all, make it then AND make it now?!?!? These candies can be found easily around Christmas-time, too bad I didn’t buy more! I am thinking that any mint chocolate would work, let me know if you try a different kind of mint chocolate.

I wonder if this sounds good to you??? Let me know if you try it!!  It is a for sure favorite around here. (NOTE~ it will NOT take the place of the Chocolate Peanut Butter Puppy Chow, peanut butter and chocolate is another fab.u.lous combination, this is just a wonderful variation!!)

food 970

Mint Chocolate Puppy Chow 

1 c. Andes Creme de Menthe Baking pieces
1 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips (tho milk chocolate should work too)
6 c. Corn Chex (can use a bit more if you want too…..IF you want too)
1 c. powdered sugar (another 1/2 c. more if needed)

Melt the candy pieces and chocolate chips. Do this in a double boiler or SLOWLY and carefully in the microwave, stirring every 30-45 seconds.

Put the cereal in a mixing bowl, one that has a lid, and pour the chocolate yummy-ness over top and stir to coat. OK, so you can add more cereal if you want too…… I like each piece to be nicely coated in chocolate. (Though my picture begs to differ, look at those nearly naked cereal pieces!!! OOPS!)

Pour the powdered sugar over, cover with lid. Have fun and shake shake shake…shake. Let set a minute  before you open or you will be in a powdered sugar cloud. CAREFULLY open the lid and check to see if each piece in coated in powdered sugar.  If not add more and shake again.

Do not cover till chocolate is totally cooled and dry, or it could get stale tasting.


Recipe adapted from Shugary Sweets. PLEASE check out her pictures, they will make your mouth water and maybe you HAVE the chocolate she uses!

Peanut Butter Gram-Wiches


“Can I have a snack please?”

 “I am hungry, is it snack time?”

 “Did I hear you say we can have a snack??”

“* Crinkle crinkle crinkle (sound of a bag being opened)* *me* What are you doing??? *child* “I am so hungry……” (Said with “weakness” of body even though lunch was like was 1.5 hours ago…….)

Does this sound familiar to you???? My kids ask for snacks no less than 16 times per day. They are growing boys I know, and I like my “morning” snack and “after- school” snack and “busy making dinner” snack and “avoiding the things I need to be doing” snack  so I do understand! BUT, I run out of ideas of what to give them! Something that is  filling enough to hold them over to the next meal…….

My friend shared this recipe with me and it has fast become a favorite around here, I have made it 3 times in about a week. It is filling enough to hold them over till dinner and really, actually pretty good for you too! Bonus!!!!

*** Update***
SO I realized that I followed the recipe wrong. Opps. My friend gets 20 ish sandwiches out of her 1/2 c. peanut butter and 1/2 c. vanilla yogurt mixture.  Tahee. I got 4. As you can see I go heavy!! That being said, please use as much or as little peanut butter as YOU want to on your sandwiches!! They will be fantabulous either way!!!!

food 904

Peanut Butter Gram-Wiches  

1/2 c. peanut butter
1/2 c. vanilla yogurt
4 ~ 20 graham crackers

Mix together the peanut butter and yogurt (a spoon works fine, it may look like it will not come together nicely BUT then all of a sudden you have a nice smooth mixture!!!)

Break the graham crackers in half so you have  squares. Put as much or as little  of the peanut butter yumminess on half the squares and top with the remaining squares. I took a knife to smooth out the edges nicely. Wrap in plastic wrap and freeze. (At least 4 hours so they are frozen through.)

Serve and enjoy.

Recipe from Melissa, thanks!!!!

Just for fun I rolled some of them in mini-chocolate chips.  Big hit.

This recipe linked to Six Sister’s Stuff.

food 905

Indoor S’mores


Aldi Special Items for Jan. 23 ~ 29.

(Check out the full ad here, listed are ONLY a few of the Special Items.)

* Fuji Apples, 3 lb. for $2.49.

* Grapefruit, 39¢ each.

* Oranges, 4 lb. for $1.99.

*Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, $1.69 per lb. (Sold in about 5 lb. pkgs.)

* Sweet Baby Rays Wing Sauce, 12 oz. for $1.99.

* 9 oz. pkg. of Kettlecorn for $1.99.

( I have decided to keep the “Aldi day” as I have been doing it, even if IT is just benefiting a few people…..It only takes me moments to do, so that is fine and fun. I will share a recipe occasionally that goes along with a special item OR (like today) just share a recipe that requires all Aldi ingredients.)

A Recipe.

At  times I have trouble coming up with snacks for my kids. They are hungry, but I don’t want to FILL them up because lunch or dinner is usually right around the corner. I saw this recipe in a cookbook and my first thought was “this is actually a recipe?” I have been making indoor s’mores for years and years. Well….looks like I was doing it wrong, or at least the tedious messy way. (I know….s’mores are ment to be messy, but I will leave that to the campfire s’mores.) I used to use mini marshmallows and chocolate chips…….

Not any more.

This “recipe” actually took me 2-3 times to get…..once I used a whole marshmallow and that shmallow puffed to be nearly the size of my head. The second time I heated up the hot fudge and it was too messy. The third time I got it…….”recipe” below.

(Oh, yeah, sorry about the micro cooking time gap. You see, my microwave is finicky. I can put something in it, and take it out 2 minutes later (yes, I DID press start…..come on……)  and it will be refrigerator cold yet……. If your microwave performs well and actually HEATS up your food, then you should start with 20 seconds when warming up your marshmallow. Marshmallows DO become hard when heated too long. FYI. My “older than the hills” microwave takes about 40 seconds. Don’t get me wrong, I am THANKFUL to have it!! In all its loveliness.)

“S’mores” is a GREAT name for these (smart person who named them forever ago!), my kids always ask for “some more”. Hope your kids enjoy as well!! I like to make these earlier in the day, cool them, then wrap in plastic wrap and either pack in their lunches or give as a snack.

I have only used it with this hot fudge sauce. But I am sure all hot fudge sauces would work.

food 871

Indoor S’mores 

2 graham crackers
1 large marshmallow
hot fudge sauce

Break graham crackers in half and place 2  squares on a plate. Cut marshmallow in half and place one on each graham cracker square, cut side down. Microwave for 20-40 seconds (start with 20), till marshmallow is puffed.

Meanwhile, spread the other graham cracker squares with about 1 tsp. of hot fudge sauce. (DO NOT heat the sauce up, just spread it on the cracker, if you cannot spread it, then heat till just barely warmed.  If it is heated up too much it will just ooze out.)

Place cracker, hot fudge side down, on marshmallow. Either cool and then wrap up or serve right away!!

Yields 2 snacks.

Recipe idea from, Simple 1-2-3 Cookbook.