I am a wife to my wonderful husband. I am a mom to 5 wonderful/busy/crazy/noisey/happy snappy boys. My hobby is cooking and baking, I love to read recipes and organize the recipes I have. I enjoy making food for people and sharing recipes. My husband is not picky and will eat almost anything, my kids are not quite as easy, they can be picky eaters, which has lead me to try to make more “favorite family foods”.  I am hoping that through this blog some of my friends and family, or anyone for that matter, will share their favorite recipes too!!! Feel free to email me at favoritefamilyfoods@hotmail.com  if you have any questions, suggestions or recipes you would like to share.  I look forward to hearing from you! Bobbi


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  1. You go girl.. We are very proud of your baking and cooking skills.. You make such yummy foods.
    Great to share. This should be fun for you.. Love Ya

    • Thanks! Some of my favorite recipes came from you! Though for some reason they don’t turn out as good when I make them……Love you guys too!

  2. Bobbiiiiii!!!! I just wanted to let you know that I DID check out your blog and it looks so grrrrreeeeat (like Tony the Tiger type great)! 🙂

  3. Hi Bobbi,

    Was reading your pancake recipe at work. Two other girls saw how nummy they looked and wanted the recipe. I really love your blog. Keep up the great work!!

    Luv ya,
    Aunt Kim

  4. Bobbi, your blog is super cute! I can so hear you saying the words as I’m reading! I’ve only read a few but love it already! Awesome job! I hope you and your family are doing wel!! I will catch up on my reading during my late night feedings with Henry! congrats on your blog!

    • Thanks Jen and THANKS for reading! CONGRATS on Henry, CANNOT wait to meet him! Looking forward to getting together…sometime!! Enjoy the late night feedings, I am sure you do!!!…..it goes WAY to quickly, my “baby” is turning 2!! 😦 Oh, to slow down time!

    • Thanks Liz!!! It IS hard to get back in the cooking/baking saddle again after having a baby, I am just hardly getting there ~ “free” time is scarce ;)!!! Grilling season makes it a bit easier, throw on some meat and veggies and there. you. go!!!

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