Homemade Cleaners


food 951One of the most clicked on “recipes” on this blog is the Soap Scum Shower Cleaner ~ FUNNY!!!! You guys must really like to clean! 😉

(I just went to the recipe index and it seems that over half!!! of my links are NOT linking to their recipe!!!! OH NO!!!! Well, I will try to fix that BUT believe you me that it will take me some time! Sorry FOR the inconvenience!!!! 😦 )


I recently started to make a few other cleaners. I have liked them. SO I thought I would share them.

Check out the “recipes” here!

Here are my thoughts……..

* “Blessing ‘in a Bottle” ~ that is similar to the Soap Scum Shower Cleaner, so I already had that and like it.  A keeper. (She does add a little something extra, I think I will try that as well next time!)

* Window Cleaner ~ I made this the first time and  I struggled a bit with streaks. SO I made it again, SKIPPING the detergent and the food coloring.  I liked it much much much better. In FACT it cleans windows/mirrors really well!!! (The picture is takes on my 1st batch, the one with food coloring, that is why it is blue.) A keeper.

* Air & Fabric Cleaner ~ I REALLY really REALLY like this one. I really like things to smell fresh and clean. SO, this one was a hit for me!! A for sure for sure keeper!!! I used Downy fabric softener. Be sure to use your favorite smelling fabric softener.  BE sure to shake the bottle before each use, as the baking soda separates a bit when it sits.  A keeper, oh, I said that already!

* Bleach Cleaner ~ Yep. Great for toilets, shower curtains, dirty DIRTY shoelaces. I like. A keeper!!

* “The Cure All” ~  This is a GREAT all-purpose cleaner. I use it mid-week on my counter tops, sinks, toilets, really wherever you need a quick clean up. I do not have any essential oils, so I skipped that.  I AM interested in trying it with essential oils….sometime. For now, I am content with it “as is”.

* HUGEST HELP OF ALL!!!!!! IF you ignore everything else I have written. Please note this!!!!!      1/2 an ounce =   1 TB.       This helped me GREATLY.

* I used address labels to write the name of the cleaner AND the ingredients used. This helps when your bottle is empty and you want a QUICK refill, the recipe is RIGHT there!

If you guys give this a try, be sure to let me know what YOU think! THANKS! Have a wonderful day!

Be sure to head over to Little Ms. Robinson for the “recipes”!!!


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    • Those bottles are actually “Awesome” cleaner bottles (from the Dollar Store)(emptied and cleaned out) ~ they are smaller then the bottles she used, so mine had a bit less water, but that seemed just fine! I use that cleaner often, good thing I had saved some of the bottles!!!!

  1. If you ever have the opportunity to go to a Norwex Party – it is worth every penny to buy a norwex cloth and window cloth. I do not sell the product. The window cloth will never streak your glass or mirrors – it is amazing. You can use your “rag” one – mine is blue – some are green and it is amazing what it will be clean. Spots out of carpets with just water. I don’t use many cleaners in my house – except soap for dishes and toilet bowl cleaner. You just have to be careful how you wash them. I’m a tight wad – and even I have a set.

  2. I love the air/fabric freshener but I noticed if any over spray hits my floors it leaves white spray marks, do you think that could be the baking soda? or do you think it is the fabric softener choice I made?

    • Yep, I noticed that too! Kind of a bummer. I am going to assume it is from the baking soda. That is what settles in the bottle too, I think. I guess we need to be carefully and not spray the walls or we will have white spotted walls!!!

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