Soap Scum Shower Cleaner


Mind IF I stray just one minute from food?? This recipe is un-edible, really? That goes without saying…..

I saw this “recipe” LONG ago. E-mailed it to myself and then promptly forgot about it, TILL my sister-in-law threw a batch together and I used it to clean at my brother’s new house before moving day. I was really happy with it, though for TOUGH soap scum, it may take more than one cleaning to get it all gone.

One of the two ingredients is Dawn dish soap (the original). It ranks up there with Tide….Downy…..Bounce……Febreze.  Things I would like to always have, though I  never do. (Would it be strange to ask for those for my birthday?? Oh….OK. I won’t.)

On a side note. I really like Tide, not only the smell *yum* but also the cleaning workability. Dirt seems to just “jump” on my kids (Not kids jump in dirt, because it never seems to be THEIR fault, right?). Anyways. I recently picked up Era laundry detergent and am so very happy with it. It is a good price and cleans real good. Actually it IS “Chuck Norris Approved” it says so on the bottle. Maybe that means something to you maybe not, it made me smile.

Back to shower cleaner.

Reasons to try out this cleaner:

  • It is not expensive. Just the cost of dish soup PLUS some vinegar. Watch for sales, I just picked up a 9 oz. bottle from Walgreens for 99¢.
  • No harsh chemicals. Though, the vinegar can be a strong smell, don’t lock yourself in the bathroom with it……
  • A little goes a long way. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY, in case you missed that. If you spray the entire shower HEAVILY, well, you WILL be rinsing off suds TILL next weeks cleaning day…… spray the tough built on soap scum areas, walk away for a bit, then come back and scrub those areas and then clean the rest of the shower.
  • Works well on your stainless steel sick. I know this because when I made it, the suds overflowed and bit so I just wiped down my sink and counter in the kitchen.
  • It actually works.

Below are the measurements I used, the recipe calls for equal parts, so just go off of how big your dish soap bottle is.

Do you have a homemade cleaner that works good for you??? I would love to hear about it!

food 883

Soap Scum Shower Cleaner 

9 oz. Dawn dish soap (the original, it is blue)
9 oz. vinegar ( I used 1 c. + 1/8 c.)

Heat the vinegar up until hot, pour into squirt bottle. Add the dish soap and swirl well to combine (I shook and was lost in a sea of suds).

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  1. Bobbi,
    I’ve down this…it’s awesome. I use the leftover too, even when the vinegar isn’t warm. It still works great!
    Thanks for the “HOT” tip.

    • Oh, I forgot…(fix my spelling error :). And…Dawn is $.49 at WAGS this week with Sunday $.50 coupon. I’m sure you can print online through P&G too. HOT TIP!!!! BACK AT YA!!!

      You don’t have to post this one….

      • I WILL so post!!! Might be so very helpful to someone else too!! I might just search around and see if I can find me one of those coupons!!! Thanks!!

    • I did wonder WHY the directions said to heat the vinegar up, I figured it was for dissolving (but now upon further thought…..does soap even dissolve? That would make it nearly useless for dishwashing……) purposes, but yeah, the times I have used it, it was cold too. THANKS for the comment, glad to hear that someone else has used it and liked it!

  2. Yea I was wondering too about the hot tip. I just mixed the two together. I wonder if heating the vinegar changes something in it. Tho the cold worked great.

  3. You need to try! I ordered a bottle off amazon and its amazing. The best part is its green cleaner that’s VOC free!
    I have tried every soap scum remover I swear and BioWorx tops them all.

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