Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes


Wondering how you are enjoying favoritefamilyfoods??? Anyone looking for a particular recipe that maybe I can help with? Am I sharing TOO many recipes each week??? Is my “unprofessional recipe writing” hard to understand? Thank you for reading and sharing with your friends and family! 🙂 And, hey, have fun in the kitchen!!!! Happy cooking/baking! I would LOVE to hear from any one who is reading, it started out with just my family and friends BUT is now reaching new readers, YEAH!! I would love to hear how you heard about favoritefamilyfoods!! OR maybe you have been with me from the beginning…thanks for stickin’ with me!

and now…..a recipe…..

I left my house with a crock put FULL of sliced raw potatoes ………

and came HOME to this……

OK, FINE, I had to add a few things and mash with my potato masher, but it PRACTICALLY IS that easy. I LOVE this way of making mashed potatoes. I could skip the meat and just eat potatoes. I remember eating mashed potatoes as a snack when I was in high school. Who does that? Do you want to know how to make these easy peasy 1-2-3 potatoes????

Sure, I will tell you! 🙂

I first was introduced with this crock pot way of cooking mashed potatoes when I saw it on my friends blog, Kat’s Kitchen. I remember calling her while I was making it and saying ” really, this is all I do?” THEN calling her when it was all done saying “it worked!!!” I was excited. Check out that original recipe here, I still go that route at times ~ when I want the garlic taste. But when I want just plain ol’ potatoes I follow the “recipe” below. Here are some tips that will help you the first time you make this. I hope your family enjoys this as much as we do. It works great when you make a pot roast lunch on Sunday, turn it on high at 8 A.M.  and it will be ready for the finishing touches and on the table by noon!

* My family eats about 6 small to medium-sized Idaho potatoes, so I am sharing the approximate amounts of ingredients I use for that amount of potatoes.

* I use red potatoes or white. Choose what suits you. I sometimes cook with the skins on and sometimes peel them, so do whatever floats your boat.

* I go heavy on the sour cream, I just do. If that is not your thing, add more milk. To achieve the consistency you want.

* Other options to add to your potatoes, AFTER they are cooked, are ~ shredded cheddar cheese, snipped chives, cooked and crumbled bacon ~ just add in what you like in your potatoes.

* Remember to give the potatoes a stir after you have added the water, oil, and salt & pepper. I was too excited and busy taking my picture….that….I FORGOT to stir. RESULTING in some potatoes that stuck to the crock pot and got dark on me, not complaining, but did not equal picture worthy  white potatoes……. oh well.  They tasted GREAT still!

* When the potatoes are all cooked and the liquid is drained, you can put the potatoes in a bowl, and mash with your mixer for nice smooth potatoes or simply leave the potatoes IN the crock pot and use a potato masher, mashing till smoothish. I have done it both ways and we like it both ways.

* These potatoes DRINK milk practically, add as much as needed. As it cools IT WILL thicken up quite a bit!!! Add extra milk to the leftovers when warming up!

* This recipe serves about 4 adults and a handful of kids, 4 or so… lets say it serves 6??? ish?

Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes
6 medium-sized white potatoes
1/2 c. water
2 TB. olive oil
salt & pepper to taste
3 oz. cream cheese
1/2 c. sour cream
1 – 2 TB. butter
milk, amount needed to get to “your kinda potato consistency”
season with more salt & pepper, if needed
Scrub your potatoes, ESPECIALLY if you plan on leaving the skins on. Slice up. (I had about 7-8 c. worth of potatoes, really you cannot go wrong with how many or how little potatoes you use ~ just adjust the rest of the ingredients if needed). Dump potatoes in a greased crock pot (whatever size fits your potatoes, the one I used was a 4 qt). Pour  the water and oil over. Season with salt & pepper. Toss together. Put the lid on and set to high. Cook on high for about 4 hours, till the potatoes are nice and fork tender.  Drain off the access liquid. (I just use the lid and carefully tilt the removable part of the crock pot, and drain  ~ some liquid is OK.) Add the cream cheese, sour cream and butter, put the lid back on so everything softens nicely.  Start mashing (if using a mixer, I will  put the potatoes in another bowl 1st and then mash with mixer or just use a potato masher). IT will be thick at first so slowly add some milk, mash, add more milk, etc. Till you at your prefered mashed potato consistency. Taste, season with salt & pepper if needed.  Enjoy.

Recipe inspired by this one at Kat’s Kitchen.


About Bobbi

I am a wife to my wonderful husband. I am a mom to 5 wonderful/busy/crazy/noisey/happy snappy boys. My hobby is cooking and baking, I love to read recipes and organize the recipes I have. I enjoy making food for people and sharing recipes. My husband is not picky and will eat almost anything, my kids are not quite as easy, they can be picky eaters, which has lead me to try to make more “favorite family foods”. I am hoping that through this blog some of my friends and family, or anyone for that matter, will share their favorite recipes too!!! Feel free to email me at if you have any questions, suggestions or recipes you would like to share. I look forward to hearing from you! Bobbi

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  1. this will be perfect and is just in the nick of time—when I have ella it is hard to have last minute intense supper things like mashed potatoes !!!this will go perfect with my roast tomorrow!!!Thank you Bobbi!!!!you do it just the right amount of times per week…while I don’t always make the recipe or even copy it immediately —I do so enjoy reading it ..and tucking it away for another day!!!!

    • Thanks for you imput and seriosly, THANKS for reading and enjoying!!! I am glad I shared a recipe that you will find helpful on those busy baby holdin’ days!!! I WILL be inquiring about the success of this recipe in your house….I hope it is “real real”.

  2. ah…sorry if this posts twice… 1st…i love your “unprofessional recipe writing”!!! Don’t change it! 2nd…have to tell you i’m sharing this with my sis in IA who does mashed pts for my mom’s family @ thanksgiving! 🙂 maybe we can save her some time!! 🙂

    • Thanks Cassie, I won’t change it ~ don’t think I even could IF I tied ;). ALSO, THANKS for sharing the recipe with your family, I hope the potatoes work out for your sis!!!! This recipe will also help clear stove top space on the busy holidays, I like that about it, fo’ sure!!!

  3. I would have never thought to make mash potatoes in crock pot! Such a good idea. I love mash potatoes and I love anything that I can put on in the morning and come home to cooked. And its nice to meet a fellow Bobbi. There are so few of us!

    • Oh HI Bobbie!! THAT is fun! Your name is spelled the way most people want to spell my name!!! Nice to “meet” you!! 🙂 Thanks for reading! I hope you get a chance to try the potatoes some day, and ENJOY them!!! 🙂

  4. Hi Bobbi – I really do love to read your recipes. Keep it up! No, you don’t post too often, at least not for me! I tend to check over here about once a week to see what I have missed, and then I just read all the new ones at once. I have tried quite a few of your recipes and enjoyed them all!

  5. Bobbi, I love your recipes. Keep ’em coming! I’ve tried a bunch and other than my yeast issue with the pizza, they all have turned out great. I appreciate your posts. Oh and this recipe is going to be a big time saver for me. We don’t have a lot of time on Sunday afternoons for lunch since we get home so late (church is at 10am and then Fellowship time, then Sunday School, so we don’t get home til almost 1pm). I like making a nice meal, but it’s always rushed because the kids are crabby and tired. This will be great. I’ll have 2 crockpots going tomorrow…one for the roast and one for the potatoes. Yay!

  6. Oh and the only thing I might change is when you describe how to cook the recipe, maybe split it into smaller paragraphs. I often rush through what I need to do and sometimes skip things when they are all written in one paragraph. (this is my fault, not yours). So it would be helpful to have it split up a bit if that’s possible. Otherwise, no worries…keep the recipes coming! Thanks for taking the time to have this recipe blog. Love it!

    • See, that is what I needed!! THANKS! I needed to hear about things that I do not notice! THAT is a GREAT suggestion and makes SO much sense, thanks a million! 🙂 Suggestions are always welcome! I am just so enjoying sharing “my hobby” with others! Thanks for lovin’ it.

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